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Adrian Villa Davila

Adrian Villa Davila

genre: Documentary

runtime: 50min

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release year 2017 / Average Ratings 8,8 / 10 / story HERMANOS/SIBLINGS tells in parallel the story of two Mexican brothers that want to go back to the US after being deported for life, with the story of an American woman who lost her house and today believes she can get it back through Trump's promises. Their journeys take them on road trips to meet with their past and with relatives who they believe can help them achieve their dreams. Immigration has been shown in many ways, but it has never been presented through the lives of Mexicans and Americans who live similar situations due to poverty and lack of family structure / runtime 80m / Writers Laura Plancarte

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genre=Documentary; release Year=2012; 8,7 of 10 star; rating=35 votes; writers=Brian Young

Movie Peking University Christian Studies Program Full Length imdb 8344334 mkv Full Movie

Release year=2017; writer=Dean Owen-Sims; Dean Owen-Sims

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Switzerland; Writed by Sabine Gisiger; tomatometers 7,7 / 10 Stars; director Sabine Gisiger; Irvin D. Yalom

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After sharing a passionate kiss with Pastor To (starring Jacky Cheung) , Michelle (starring Kar Yan Lam) files sexual harassment charges against the pastor. The scandal and the proceedings take their toll on both of them in different ways. While the pastor finds himself turning away from his faith, Michelle tries to find her salvation in religion. When they meet again many years later, To and Michelle both realize that absolution was never the ultimate destination; Kim-Wai Yuen; 7,1 / 10; Release Year: 2016; Runtime: 1 h, 39 Min

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Countries: USA
star: Samuel West
7,9 / 10 Star
Runtime: 1h 0 minutes

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Audience score=423 Votes. Patrick Schuckmann. genres=Drama. Lose Your Head is a movie starring Fernando Tielve, Marko Mandic, and Sesede Terziyan. A Spanish party tourist gets lost in Berlin's club scene. Country=Germany


director=Jorge Manzanilla actors=Armando Chacon Drama story=Noches de Parque is a movie starring Carlos Perera Caro, Armando Chacon, and Juan Carlos Durán. GABRIEL BUSCA EL AMOR FUERA DE SU PUEBLO MAYA; LA PLAZA GRANDE DE MÉRIDA RESULTA SER EL LUGAR PERFECTO, ÁNGEL Y JONAS SON PARTÍCIPES DE

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directed by: Victoria Wood

In 1969 insurance salesman Jimmy 'Tubby' Baker and secretary Enid are among those meeting for a televised reunion at the Manchester Free Trade hall, where, thirty years earlier as school children they were part of the choir who made a record of 'Nymphs and Shepherds, Come Away.' Tubby and Enid are drawn together in reaction against the snobbish organizer Frank and his wife who try to impress them by taking them to the Berni inn and Tubby wants to date Enid but she is having an affair with her married boss in the belief that he will leave his wife for her. Tubby recalls how, as young Jimmy, his widowed mother was disapproving of his singing in the choir and it was down to the Bible-quoting Great War veteran, crippled Mr Kirkby, assistant to choir mistress Gertrude Riall, that he was able to take part. Now he believes he should take a leaf out of his determined younger self's book and be bold, convincing Enid that her lover will never leave his wife and that they are made for each other, years after that day when they sang

1hours, 29m

release date: 2014

Country: UK

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Duration: 73 Minute creators: Nathan Homsup Description: The Kurodians is a movie starring Alwa Ritsila. It's time for revenge. The Kurodians will fight for their independence Release date: 2017

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2014. Director: Hyeong-yoon Jang. Country: South Korea. 281 Vote. Animation

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Runtime: 2 Hour, 2 minute. abstract: Sathya hates his younger brother Arvind as his mother is more affectionate towards him. He joins hands with a local gang leader Mandhira Moorthy and falls in love with Arvind's college friend. Year: 2017. Countries: India

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release Date: 2012

20 Vote

1 Hour, 23 Minute

Documentary, Music

9,3 / 10


2011 / 9,6 / 10 / Liked it: 11 Votes / director: Louis Galdieri