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Netherlands, Austria / writers=Miguel Alexandre / Rating=388 Votes / actors=Hannah Hoekstra / Tomatometers=7,9 / 10

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Year - 2018. review - On December 4 2006, we were expecting a healthy baby boy. Luke was born with a rare genetic disorder, only 16 cases in the world. The doctors could not tell us what his life would be like, or if he would even live. They gave us a choice at 3 days old to have his aortic valve repaired, or because of his diagnosis we could choose to let him leave this earth. He would have 2 weeks with us if we didn't have the surgery. He survived in my womb, and 7 surgeries his first year of life. He suffered and struggled, but his will to live was evident. Today, I wonder how the doctors missed his 2 heart defects and deformities on the ultrasound during pregnancy? Why did my blood work come back normal when they tested for genetic disorders? I believe God protected him. Had we known, would they have suggested we abort him? It's easy to say I would not have, but I'm glad I didn't have to make that choice. It has been difficult caring for a child with disabilities, but it has been equally rewarding. He has brought me great joy and also deep sorrow. Every night as I tuck him in, I whisper in his ear "Luke Cameron you are going to change the world." He grins. He believes it too. He is 10 years old and 5th in the percentile of height and weight. He has mental and developmental delays, including lack of speech. He is alive and he loves. What a blessing and miracle he is. Life is precious and love heals our hearts. God has a purpose and a plan for us. Trust him. Actors - Darin Cameron, Kimmy Inez. Zac Adams

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2017. Country: UK. Writers: Asad Mahmood. On Halloween Day his future changed. After the events of the MovieCanyon Halloween Special, MovieCanyon is celebrating his victory against the evil killer who threatened his life, when that very night, on Halloween, he gets a visit from his future self. Together, they embark on an epic journey to save the future and stop the evil tyrant FilmGorge

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ratings: 8,1 of 10; 51 Min; rating: 20 votes; star: Chris Beardshaw; Documentary

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  • Year: 2017
  • Directors: Benoît Bourreau
  • Writer: Benoît Bourreau
  • Duration: 1H 15 minutes
  • star: Kent Jones


Actors: Demeter Bitenc Zakleta bajta is a TV movie starring Demeter Bitenc, Nina Ivanic, and Matija Jahn. Erjavec family goes to picnic at the Great Mountain, but instead of having peaceful vacation, they end up in a haunted cottage and fall into series Average Rating: 6,3 / 10 star 2011

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  • Creator Rodolfo Juarez, Alejandro Alonso
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